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Member's discussion  forums, photo and file sharing, groups, and more can be found at SailAngle.com. The archives of our documents (excom minutes, etc.) are in the group file cabinet folders...

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Officers: this "National" web page is intended to provide quick access links to the resources required to perform the job of a squadron officer.

Follow our short reminders and other notes at twitter account BellinghamSail.

Members, Below I've gathered some tips & hints relating to computer skills. We have many busy committees sharing or submitting documents, and questions come up...

Documents (especially documents that will be converted for use on the web)

Do not use CAPITAL letters. They are difficult to read and are considered shouting.
Web readers prefer anti-somnolence writing: concise, terse. Personally, I like to inject some extraneous humor or humour.
Although word processors have been used for many years now, many documents still use formatting more suited to typewriters. Take advantage of your word processing software:

  • Use italics and/or bold rather than underlining to emphasize words. Underlining was used on typewriters as a substitute for italics. Your reader will expect underlined words to be links.
  • Put a single space, not two, after periods. Documents written with word processors use proportional fonts, where each letter takes only as much space as it needs.
  • Avoid using hard returns. Avoid using tabs and/or spaces to create the appearance of columns or tables. If you do, it will be more difficult to reformat the document.
  • More like this can be found in the book The Mac is Not a typewriter or The PC is Not a Typewriter

Photos (especially photos that will be uploaded for use on the web) - Give your photo file a good name using simple characters without “punctuation” characters or spaces, for versatility. Resolution for photos that will be printed should be great, but for the web lower resolution (or a smaller file size) appears (“loads”) faster. The higher resolution (pixels per inch) will not be useful.

Run anti-virus software but also learn to use a spyware / adware detection and removal tool.

-        Hope this is helpful,

-        Webmaster

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